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Salt -The Culture Story

Salt is well known for its properties that are crucial for surviving.
These properties made it a valuable substance which plays a major role in cultures, customs and traditions.

Unique Menorah: A meaningful Hanukkah Gift

Hanukkah Menorah

Our Unique Menorah named MEORROT is Judaica which symbolizes the Jewish tradition of bringing light into darkness. Since antiquity, in the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem, menorahs have been emblematic of Judaism.

Hamsa -The Ultimate Protection

The Hamsa Hand is a palm shaped amulet, found throughout the Middle East and northern Africa, also known as a good luck charm, believed to confer protection upon its possessor and brings good luck, fertility and good health.

Hamsa Gift Set for Valentine’s Day

The Hamsa pendant gift set is a statement piece of bohemian chic mixed with modern elegance.
Truly unique, this Hamsa is handmade from 100% natural salt!!!