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Salt and Pepper shakers Small size


Salt & Pepper shakers SET

Hebrew ‘אָשְׁלָג’ Pottasium, the main mineral harvested from the Dead Sea.

Major fertelizer for crops.

Salt Shakers made of SALT !!!

Salt was a dear substance throughout history. Salt shakers were especially designed by famous artizans for the nobilities.

Saltware‘s unique salt shakers are made of 100% PURE SALT – These saltshakers will bring elegance, purity and blessing to your dinning table!



*Vegan Design*
The salt shakers are made of 100% PURE SALT from the Holy Land combined with natural earth pigments in a special design.
The bottom part is made of anodized aluminum with a fine satin finish.
The rubber plug hole sealer is certified for food and pharmaceutical usage.
Availbale in 3 colors:
*Dark brown with silver bottom.
*Golden/yellowish with gold bottom.
*Copper/turquoise with silver bottom.

Please Note:
The shakers are uniquely hand-made and therefore can differ slightly from each other.

Height: 2.4″ (60mm)
Diameter: 2″ (50mm)
Plug size: 1″ (25mm)
A pair of salt and pepper shakers


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Simply wipe the shakers with a damp cloth.

Do not put under running water/dishwasher or in environment above 75% humidity.

For further information please read FAQ.