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Hamsa pendant glitter

Glittering Glimpse Hamsa Keychain


Shomera Hamsa Pendant Hebrew -‘שוֹמֵרָה’ – keeper or a structure designed for protection.

SKU: 03-10033



*Vegan Design*

Truly unique, this hamsa keychain is handmade from 100% natural Salt!!!
Salt is a symbol for blessing- carring a tiny sack of salt is considered in many cultures as a protective amulet.
Add this exclusive hamsa to your keychain and you’ll have a piece of the HolyLand to take with you wherever you go.

Additional information:

Glittering Glimpse Hamsa is designed from PURE SALT with drops of metal chips. The metal chips may become turquoise or orange with time – it is part of it’s wabi-sabi beauty 😊 Wabi- Sabi is a Japanese artistic concept that sees the beauty in the changing nature of things.
Each Hamsa is uniquely handmade and therefore can differ slightly from each other.
Glittering Glimpse keychain may come with a gold or silver seat for your choice

Pendant Size:
Height: 1.77” (45mm)
Width: 1.2” (30mm)
Depth: 0.3-0.4” (8-10mm)


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Simply wipe the pendant with a damp cloth.
Do not put it the pendant unde running water.
Not suitable for tropical climate(above 75%) use.