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shabbat table set

Shabbat Table Silver Set

This modern Shabbat Set is handmade of pure Salt from the Holy Land.
With a sleek design, it’s the perfect unique set to add to a minimalist table decor or
to bring as a housewarming gift for your family and dear friends.

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All artifacts are made with PURE SALT parts combined with natural earth pigments
and silver hue anodized aluminium parts with a  delicate satin finish.
All metal parts are separatable and washable.

The candle holders can be used for ceremonials as well as an ornament for a soft and purified environment.
The salt crystals creates a special effect of translucent light that gives warmth and softness.

The candles are positioned in a specially designed metal part made of anodized aluminum .
 It is removable and can be easily cleaned.
The candle holders base is wide and may be used with various sizes of candles. (diameter up to 0.8”,  length  up to 5.5”).
Each box comes with a pair 5″ length of 100% pure handmade beeswax shabbat candles.
Beeswax candles are eco-friendly ,burn longer and have gentle scent.

The Herbal Vase can be used for ceremonials with fresh scented herbs or with dried plants for decoration.
Kiddush Cup is made of 2 parts:
Upper Cup – only metal -can be washed
Base Seat -salt & metal-only wiped with damp cloth
For further information see care instructions or FAQ.

Each set is individually handmade so there might be slighter differences of one to another.

Vase Dimensions
Height: 7″ (17cm)
Diameter: 2″ (5cm)

Candle Holder Dimensions
Height: 5.9″ (15cm)
Diameter: 2″ (5cm)

Kiddush Cup Dimensions
Height: 8.25″ (21cm)
Top diameter: 2.7″ (7 cm)

Cup volume:190ml
1 x Kiddush Cup
1 x Herbal Vase (contemporary interpretation of the spice box)
1 x Pair of Candle Holders

Kiddush cup -Oshia
Hebrew-‘אָשְׁיָה’ meaning-basis, fundamental, element, source
A phrase to describe a highly ranked personality.

Candle holders-Orra
Hebrew ‘אוֹרָה’  -(feminine form) meaning light in Hebrew.
The feminine form was chosen as it is traditionally lit by mother of family.
It also resembles the word AURA as the mother radiates light on her surroundings.

The Herbal Vase-Levona
Hebrew -‘לְבוֹנָה’ -the name of the tree resin that was used for incense in the Holy Temple.
Also used as parfume in ancient times.


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Simply wipe the pieces with a damp cloth.
Do not put the salt made parts under running water/dish washer or above 75% humidity.
Metal parts are seperatable and washable.

ORRA candle holders should be use with non-dripping candles, preferable natural beeswax.
Beeswax candles are eco-freindly, do not soot, healthier for breathing and have pleasant honey scent.
For recommendations please contact us after purchase.

For further care instructions – please read our FAQ.