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Challah Board

Challah Board Olive Wood


Challah board BRITT (בְּרִית), the word for covenant in Hebrew.
It is the symbol for the covenant between God and the people of Israel:
” It is an everlasting covenant of salt before the Lord for both you and your offspring.” (Numbers, 18:19). This symbol evolved into the Sabbat dinner whereas the Challah bread is dipped in salt while blessed.
What would be more appropriate and sublime than using this board made from an olive tree, the symbol for peace and unity, combined with salt of the Holy Land ?

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$279 $237

A truly unique , one-of-a-kind Challah board!
This challah board is made from a natural, beautiful, olive wood from the North of Israel.
It is from a branch prunning of an olive tree and a rare finding!
It is hand-crafted, leaving all the natural beauty of this unique piece to stand out.
The board comes with a special dish made FROM SALT and FOR SALT.
The dish is made in an eco friendly, innovtive process- it is with no artificial additive.
The dish sits on a decorative gold color anodized aluminum.
This wooden board is one of a kind and only one of this design is available.

Notice : This item is available ONLY with EXPRESS shipping.

Salt dish is made of pure 100% Holy Land  salt.

Board (approx.):
Length: 24’’ ( 61cm)
Width variable:6-8’’ ( 16-20cm)
Depth: 0.78″ (2cm) 

Diameter : 2’’ ( 5 cm)
Height: 1.2’’ (3 cm)
1 X Olive wood Board
1 X  Salt Dish

The board comes with its natural cracks, no apoxy or synthetic additive sealers.


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Simply wipe the pieces with a damp cloth.
Do not put the parts made from salt under running water or in the dish washer.
The board can be treated from time to time with food safe oil to maintain its natural beauty.