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Ring box SET

Ring Box


(אֹשֶׁר, עֹשֶׁר) Osher in Hebrew has a double meaning:

HAPPINESS, when spelled with the letter ALEPH (אֹשֶׁר)
and FORTUNE/WEALTH when spelled with the letter A’IN (עֹשֶׁר).
Isn’t it just what one wishes for?



*Vegan Design*

A unique ring box!!!
With an elegant 3D design, it’s the perfect unique piece to bring for your loved one.

Additional information:

These box is handmade of 100% pure Salt from the Holy Land.
The inner metal part is anodized aluminium with fine gold or silver satin finish.
The bottom outer and inner surfaces are softened with white velvet.
The product is eco-friendly with no artificial additives.

Please note:
Each box is individually handmade so there might be slighter differences of one to another.

Outside height: 1.6″ (42mm)
Inner Height: 0.66”(17mm)
Outside diameter: 2.1″ (52mm)
Inner diameter: 1.41” (36mm)
1X Ring box


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Simply wipe the salt-made part with a soft damp cloth.
Do not put under running water/dishwasher or in environment above 75% humidity.
Do not use abrasive fabrics.