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Spring- Rebirth of Nature

Why does the egg appear in Passover and Easter as a major symbol?

Eggs had a major role in Jewish and Christian spring celebrations

Spring has been celebrated in rites since ancient times.
In all societies the joy of the new life of nature has been celebrated by bringing fresh corps to their Gods and eating fresh ingredients from the fields.
When I thought about designing a special artefact for the spring I noticed that in both Jewish and Christian beliefs the EGG has a major role.

The egg within its round shape and inner nutritioned filling was an ultimate symbol for rebirth and and new life. Eating eggs during the spring festivals was a custom in the pagan world , previous to the monotheists beliefs and was kept throughout the Roman Empire.

This custom was part of the Passover (Hebrew: פֶּסַח  pesach) celebrations during the times of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

This major role of the EGG kept its special place in the following beliefs.

The eating of the EGG before the Passover dinner(the Seder meal) is meant to correspond with the festival  (Chagigah) sacrifice.It is eaten after the blessings, as a kind of an appetizer, and before starting the main course and is escorted with the saying “ in memory of the festival sacrafice”.

Egg holder passover easter gold

Eggs is the appetiser of the Passover meal

In Christianity, Easter( Aramic: פָּסחָא pascha) is the festival of spring and is linked to the Jewish Passover by much of its symbolism, as well as by its position in the calendar.
Easter is believed to be the time of the resurrction of Jesus from the dead and therefore the EGG symbolism is interpreted in conjunction to that belief.
I have decided to design these EGG HOLDER as it’s a unifying symbol of new beginning and name it
LIV-LUV (Hebrew לִבְלוּב) meaning -the bursting buds in spring time.

Egg holder passover easter gold

Saltware’s egg holders are perfect to celebrate our joy at the renewal of life!!!