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Unique Menorah: A meaningful Hanukkah Gift

Our Unique Menorah named MEORROT is Judaica which symbolizes the Jewish tradition of bringing light into darkness. Since antiquity, in the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem, menorahs have been emblematic of Judaism.

Our Unique Menorah named MEORROT is Judaica which symbolizes the Jewish tradition of bringing light into darkness. Since antiquity, in the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem, menorahs have been emblematic of Judaism.
The light of SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah is especially meaningful in the Hanukkah season.

Menorah: A Symbol of Divine Light

Why did we name SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah “M e o r r o t?”

SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah is named “M e o r r o t,” which, spelled in Hebrew, is “מְּאֹרֹ֖ת.” Meorrot is the name for the lights of the universe—our sun, moon, and stars. The word Meorrot is also used to describe divine creation in Genesis 1. Our Unique Menorah, Meorrot, combines the physical beauty of salt and light, with the moral beauty of its sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly manufacture. SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah is ideal for Hannukah, the Festival of Light…. which brings us solace, comfort, and inspiration to counter the difficulties of life and the dark of night. 

How does SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah Symbolize the Spiritual Concept of Or LaGoyim? 

The spiritual concept of Or LaGoyim (found in Isaiah 42:6) offers ancient wisdom about finding our way in the dark or, in other words, it is spiritual advice about finding our path out of struggle, grief, pain, loss, despair. Each Unique Menorah is one-of-a-kind Judaica art, created from sparkling pure salt and natural earthly pigments. Salt symbolizes purity, loyalty, faith, and the sweat of our brow. Light symbolizes understanding, grace, God’s ability to create order from chaos, and divine love. The exquisite translucence which results from the combination of salt and light truly symbolizes Or LaGoyim.

Kosher menorah with beeswax candles.

Hannukah Menorah – the Festival of Light

Is SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah Kosher?

SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah is the ideal “hanukkiah” the Hebrew word for “menorah,” for all who celebrate Hanukkah, whether secular or ultra-orthodox. To be Kosher, a menorah must have eight branches which can offer light. These eight branches represent the eight days of Hannukah. A Kosher menorah has a ninth branch, called a “Shamash” or “Helper,” which must be located higher or lower than the other eight branches. The Shamash is lit first, and its flame is used to light the other candles. SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah is absolutely Kosher.

Kosher menorah for all who celebrate Hanukkah

What makes “M e o r r o t” a Unique Menorah?

SaltwareDesign’s “Meorrot” is a Unique Menorah which can serve as lighting for various kinds of occasions. Its bases, which are made of salt and topped with metal seats to hold candles, can be assembled in 3 different ways:

Hanukkiah: Use the traditional 9 candle seats as your menorah. They can be set in a straight row or in a more contemporary design, in a free pattern, to make a playful new combination and a unique menorah each time.

Shabbat Candle Holders: Put 8 candle parts together to form 2 large candle holders. The metal seats can hold thin Hanukkah candles or thick Shabbat candles.

A unique one-of-a-kind stackable candle holder: this decorative candle holder has an elegant presence that would enrich any special occasion, whether a religious holiday or intimate celebration.

The light of the universe, “Meorrot,” can shine throughout your year and for all your special occasions.

[The Menorah is among the most widely produced articles of Jewish Ceremonial art. The seven-branched Menorah is a traditional symbol of Judaism and is an emblem of the State of Israel. The Vatican and the Jewish museum in Rome explore menorah in art and dark legend. ]

Menorah serves as Shabbat Candle Holders

How is SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah Eco-Friendly?  

SaltwareDesign’s Unique Menorah is made from PURE SALT from the Holy Land to which natural earth pigment powders and copper have been artistically added. The metal seats (which the candles rest within) are made of silver or gold anodized aluminum with a satin finish. These metal seats can be separated and easily cleaned. We highly recommend using your Unique Menorah with beeswax candles. 

The benefits of beeswax candles:

Beeswax is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, unlike most other candles, which are usually made from petroleum. Beeswax candles also last longer and burn brighter. They burn cleanly, without making soot, which is important if you want to preserve the purity of the salt of your unique menorah. Beeswax is naturally dripless, which further makes the cleaning process easier. 

Beeswax candles also produce a more natural light, which is in the same spectrum as sunlight.

Lastly, beeswax candles give off a natural pleasant, sweet honey scent! 

Meorrot is a unique menorah, aligned with nature.