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Wooden Challah Board: Sustainable, Vegan, Eco-Friendly Judaica

SaltwareDesign’s Wooden Challah Board is beautiful, sustainable, and vegan Judaica which fulfills the Jewish ethical commandment of Bal Tashchit to be eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.

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Challah board mesquite

SaltwareDesign’sWooden Challah Board fulfills the Jewish ethical commandment of Bal Tashchit

What is a Sustainable Wooden Challah Board?

 Sustainable wooden challah board means that the wood which is used to craft the boards is cut only from trees that had to be cut off due to necessity, such as disease, root problems, danger- like adjacent to electrical cables or trees that fall in winter storms. No tree is cut off for commercial purposes.

How is SaltwareDesign’s Wooden Challah Board Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Environmentally Responsible?

Our Wooden Challah Boards are made from local trees that grow naturally and not for commercial purpose. The wooden boards are made only from trees that for various reasons need to be pruned or cut off. These can be olive trees that are very common in the Mediterranean, Carob tree or any other tree.  We treat trees as individuals. We know the story behind each one. Where it grows, why it needs to be cut off. It can be a tree in a field, orchid, or in a public or private land. 

The tree is sometimes cut partially for maintenance and sometimes there is no choice, and it has to be cut off completely. Being sustainable means meeting our own needs in ways which protect and preserve the earth’s precious resources.  Our use of wood does exactly that.

How are our Wooden Challah Board Manufacturing Processes Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Environmentally Responsible? 

Our wooden boards are handcrafted without using synthetic and toxic materials as used in production on many other wooden boards. For Instance, we leave the natural cracks as they are in most cases, or seal them with the wooden board’s own sawdust. We look at these as part of the beauty of the individual tree. There is no use of epoxy synthetic resin as most manufactures use, still claiming their product to be natural or sustainable.

Epoxy is an extremely toxic material and environmentally hazardous. 
The Salt Dish, which comes with our Wooden Challah Board, is sustainable, eco-friendly, and environmentally responsible too. It is made from salt and for salt. We only use pure salt from the Holy Land. There is nothing artificial—no glues, dyes, or other additives. This level of sustainability is possible because of SaltwareDesign’s innovative process.

Wooden Challah Board Eco-Friendly, and Environmentally Responsible

How is the Wooden Challah Board Vegan?

A vegan food or product does not use animal parts and has been made without hurting any animals. Vegans are people who only eat vegan foods and only use vegan products. This means vegans do not eat any kind of meat, eggs, or dairy products. Further, they do not wear leather, wool, or silk. Veganism absolutely supports sustainability and ecological responsibility. Our Wooden Challah Board is 100% vegan and is perfect for vegans, because our Wooden Challah Board is sustainable and has been made without using any animal parts and without hurting any animal. 

How does the Wooden Challah Board Fulfill the Jewish Ethical Commandment of Bal Tashchit

The Jewish ethical concept called Bal Tashchit, found in the Torah (Deuteronomy 20:19-20). warns us not to cause waste or damage. It is in fact, an ancient commandant to be sustainable, respect the earth and use its resources in harmony  and consideration.

Each Wooden Challah Board is one-of-a-kind Judaica art, whose beauty comes from each piece’s natural wood growth rings and hues. Our sustainable, gorgeous, and ethical Wooden Challah Board makes the perfect family heirloom or gift for someone you love.

Challah Board, Britt, salt is a symbol for the covenant between God and the people of Israel 

Why did we name our wooden challah board BRITT?

Our Wooden Challah board was named BRITT (בְּרִית), the word for covenant in Hebrew.

In Judaism salt is a symbol for the covenant between God and the people of Israel: ” It is an everlasting covenant of salt before the Lord for both you and your offspring.” (Numbers, 18:19). 

 This symbol evolved into the Shabbat dinner whereas the Challah bread is dipped in salt while blessed. What would be more appropriate and sublime than naming our Wooden Challah Board 
BRITT? combined with the salt of its earth?

 Our covenant with God, as humans, is to be the guardians of the universe’s creation.

To be sustainable is to sign that treaty.

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