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The unique, patent-protected process of Saltware brings to life industrial residue from the Dead Sea, turning it into a soulful and meaningful design. Saltware can make your space one of a kind with a look and an atmosphere like no other.

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Salt is a substance that was valuable in ancient times. The word salary is derived from the Latin word salarium, the sack of salt that was paid by the Romans to their soldiers. In fact, salt was so dear that saltshakers were designed for, and served only to monarchs.


Salt has a role in many cultural and religious rituals. In Judaism, it is a symbol of the covenant between God and the people of Israel: ”It is an everlasting covenant of salt before the Lord for both you and your offspring” (Numbers, 18:19).


Due to its purifying and preservative qualities, salt was crucial in ancient ceremonies. These qualities made it a protective spiritual and good luck substance across the world.

SaltwareDesign was born from a passion for one of our planet’s more remarkable, spiritual, and yet common raw materials – salt. To make a dream come true, the designer, artist, and founder Lia Bruce collaborated with Professor Daniel Mandler, an established scientist from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, forming a revolutionary clean, green process with negligible energy consumption. Taking salt from Dead Sea industry residues and turning it into a beautiful creation of useful art. This is a meaningful design.





100% Natural

100% Natural







A one and only unique design exclusively made of pure salt


The process is based on a patent developed by Hebrew University of manufacturing 3D objects from 100% salt grains


Fully sustainable - Using a low energy process (5% compared to ceramics a significant emission saving) Using leftovers from industry Recyclable


The products are individually handcrafted making each

100% Natural

Using 100% pure salt and natural earth pigments - the products are
vegan friendly


World wide culture and history embodied in contemporary design
About Me


Hi, I’m Lia Bruce, the body and salt behind SaltwareDesign. My professional path leads me through architecture studies at the Technion in Haifa, a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and a master’s degree in Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. The combination of art, design, and eco living is expressed in my SaltwareDesign. My love affair with salt began as a child, inspired by my grandmother, who sewed salt into little cotton bags to be worn as protective amulets. As an artist I created installations with the raw material with a constant aspiration to give it a solid manifestation.

The groundbreaking technology that allowed her work to form the residual salt into such forms, textures, colors, and shapes is an integral part of her initiative of SaltwareDesign.
In 2015 Professor Daniel Mendler from the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University answered a public call by the Israeli government for a practical solution to handle a vast amount of cooking salt that accumulates as a residue of the Dead Sea mining.
Professor Mendler and his team developed a sustainable technology that turns the salt into a robust, 100% green three dimensional object with no synthetic additives, durable to pressure and humidity, and manufactured in a very low energy consumption process.
As a designer,Bruce sought to merge salt’s scientific and technological challenges with its crucial significance in culture and found this life mission in the unique dead sea salts.

My interest in the mystical nature of salt grew as I collaborated with the Chemistry Institue at Hebrew university, which was looking for a way to reduce the environmental impact of salt mining in the Dead Sea. Combining creative impulse, engineering challenge, and my desire to heal our environment, I sought practical, innovative, and inspiring solutions. SaltwareDesign was born from this quest.

My Story.

Stories About Us


Salt Stories

Salt -The Culture Story

Salt is well known for its properties that are crucial for surviving. These properties made it a valuable substance which plays a major role in cultures, customs and traditions.

The Dead Sea – The Eco Story

Is the Dead Sea doom to disappear ? A short essay on the Dead Sea threat of disappearance

Hamsa -The Ultimate Protection

The Hamsa Hand is a palm shaped amulet, found throughout the Middle East and northern Africa, also known as a good luck charm, believed to confer protection upon its possessor and brings good luck, fertility and good health.


Are the products really made of pure salt ?

Yes, the products are made of  100%pure cooking salt.

 I add natural pigments ,dried flowers  or metal chips for decoration.

How come it is not melted?

Saltware is safe to exposure to heat and up to 75% humidity.

This is thanks to its innovative processing. 

I use eco- friendly sealer to give it extra protection from dirt.

Is Saltware breakable?

Yes, it is made of a natural mineral and may break like ceramics, glassware etc. 

Since the processing is low- energy consuming ,there are no hot tempratures envolved which

 makes it even more vulnerable then what it looks like. Handle with care !

How can I clean my product?

Saltware cannot be washed under flowing water or dishwasher.

For cleaning use soft dump cloth. Don’t scatch or use abrasive fabrics. 

Only metal parts which can be seperated, may be cleaned with warm (even hot) water.

Put the metal part in a bowl and pour hot water on it. Take out with  a spoon (as the metal may become hot) and dry thouroghly with soft cloth or paper immediately after.

If the candles you have used have been dripping immensely, you can try putting the metal seats ONLY in freezer for couple of hours. 

It helps detaching the wax from the metal. Use tooth stick or you finger tips. Make sure not to use sharp tools, as they would scratch the seats.

Do not put the candles on the salt-made parts-always use the metal seats.

How to get stains off ?

Since is is  a pure clear white substance it can stained  easily (just like white fabrics as cotton).

 Most stains can be wiped off with soft dump cloth. Try to clean immediately after stainning occurs.

Is it safe to use candles with the salt ? Won’t it burn?

Salt  does not burn or ignite. The cylinder shape candle holder will become pleasantly warm and may be touched -try it! You may find it even very pleasant during winter time 😊 

Why do you recommend to use 100% beeswax candles ?

Beeswax candles do not drip, do not soot, eco- friendly and don’t pullote.

 They are better for your breathing and for the environment.

They will also keep the product cleaner and easier for taking care of. 

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